Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A healthy level of stupidity to break the day...

I stumbled into this new-age hippy-happy-healthy food café that was blasting a tune I love (which must remain a secret to uphold my quintessential musi-ac reputation).

Inside this cave of a café I noticed the staff behind the counter seriously overcome by jolted dance steps – so of course I joined in too. Before I knew it, my body was violently throwing itself from wall to table ...and just like a diligent puppet I danced, raged and turned the whole thing into some 80's revival music video. I sang like Prince and acted out the words like Jack Sparrow on speed (which I should regret but don’t). And this is the best bit; for my stupidity and fearlessness I bagged a free lunch, a coffee, and even a couple of new equally kewl n krazy friends.

I can only wonder what will happen today… hmm

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

This is exactly why a blog is better than Facebook

Blogging = Ranting ....

As I entered the Carnaby St Starbucks this morning, my fists clenched, my forehead drew lines, my lips tightened. I was ready for a fight, a fight for justice, a fight for my right to taste a real hazelnut latte. I ordered my drink, breathed deeply to calm down, and waited patiently. Glancing over the counter, staring at the Barista, I prayed and hoped that they would make the effort to make my drink right, 'Just this once - please make it right' is all I could think.

The barista yelled "Tall hazelnut latte, Tall hazelnut latte, Tall hazelnut -"
I interrupted with a "Thanks" accompanied with a half smile that was all to ready to kill, if the drink was wrong.

I began to walk away, stared at the pitiful customers eagerly queuing for coffee and secretly thought "Don't waste your time, they will make it wrong"
And then, my legs stopped, I sat down, who cares if I have to get to work, this is far more important. I took a sip of my drink, and yes, you guessed it - they made it wrong! Even bees would be sick by the amount of syrup in that coffee.

By now my mind was like an overworked time machine, clogging away at every angry emotion that had been born in this very Starbucks that refused to make my drink correctly. I sat there for a moment longer, and counted the times they had actually made my drink right. And what joy came to my mind - from the 20 or so times I have visited this thief, I had been served satisfactorily 3 times. Calculating further, it dawned on me how much money I had wasted. That was it for me - I had enough, and finally I had retreated to my 'I'm done' gravestone.

I quick stepped back into my office, sat down at my seat whilst my fingers raced through the numbers on my phone. Yes, luckily I have the Starbucks HQ number on my mobile! (Just for these moments).

I explained to the lady my problem, at first I was a little embarrassed by my seemingly 'me me me' complaint, but after the first stumbled sentence I was over it. In fact, I had shot to the top and felt like a dirty politician who was saving face. She empathised with my situation, and asked for my address to which I replied ..

"Listen, I don't need or want Starbucks vouchers, I don't even want you to write apologising for my bad experience. All I want is the expert Barista from HQ to get down to my local Starbucks ASAP and train the staff on how to make (a) Tall hazelnut latte (b) Grande hazelnut latte. I don't want anything else, so please don't bother. Just get onto this ASAP"

Thinking back, I guess she was surprised by my response, in fact, I think I am even surprised by that (I'm not one to turn away freebies). Alas, this is not about freebies, it's about certain standard that needs to be held, there is an underlying principle here somewhere, once I figure it out you will be the first to know.

Oh - I feel so much better now

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Nowadays a typical email consists of:

To: blah blah blah
Subject: who cares
Content: A random string of words
Signature: Please consider the environment, do you need to print this E-mail?

As much as I agree with "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle", I prefer the following comment to close an email:

Please consider cyberspace, do you REALLY need to send me that damn forward?

Monday, May 07, 2007

A quck note for chappala

I will be going to Addis for the Ethiopian New Year in September, click here for more info.
I will be going to Goa for the New Year in December and January.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

FOTY in London

"If you don't go out and get what you like, you will be forced to like what you get"

Saturday 7th April - Sunday 15th April

Highlights (inc food)

- All Bar One (Arrival lunch in Canary Wharf)
- Floridita (Cuban restarant in wardour street)
- Bar 38 (canary wharf)
- Wagamama (with Kaily and Ting)
- Pizza Express (Soho)
- Keegan's House party in St John's Wood
- Greenwich (Picture crazy in Pizza Express)
- South Bank (Cool kid who learnt a few tricks)
- Las Iguanas (Mexican food by Waterloo foot bridge and South Bank)
- Tower Bridge
- Natural History Museam
- Walking through the McDonald's Drive-thru
- Soho, Oxford Circus (shops and Selfridges)
- Carnaby Street (cool pictures of kids in black and white)
- Covent Garden (shirt shopping in Hawes and Curtis, 194 steps)
- Embassy (Karina, Clara, Vikal, Keegan and ryan?!?)
- Edgeware Road (Karina)
- Nandos (Very chilli Portuguese food)
- Cousins in Acton
- Mash Bar (In Oxford St with cousins)
- Chelsea (Moti Mahal)
- Easter service at Canning Town
- Shoreditch (Zigfrid (pictures of Microsoft family), Medicine Bar, 333)
- Agenda (Bank, with Al Varro)
- Holborn (Guanabarro and Cougar Pinks)
- The Breakfast Club (Departure lunch in Angel)

I miss my old door and the legendary gaselee girls

Carpe diem

Like a nagging husband this blog has screamed for attention.

Friends, collegues, neighbours, brothers, non biological sisters, stalkers, waiters, security, and even astronauts (wannabes) have been asking after my dear sickened blog.

"How is it? We have not read anything for months, is it okay?"
Breathe, survive, fight, peace, relax, reform.

"Yes, it is fine, currently it is touring around the globe, the recent postcard depcited alluring images from Ecuador, alright for some hey?"

And now the blog is back, fresh from holiday ... guess what ... it is my turn to jet off. Taking off into the sky, into infinti, up high and then collapsing like a rocket into a foreign land, unknown to mankind. It is a state of mind.

Recent events - Just because I know you care

FOTY was in town from NYC
Offered two acting roles (though one turned out to be a bit dodgy, to say the least)
Zillions of job offers - yikes!
CIMA studies
Moved out of London
Booked my trip to Addis Ababa (for new year celebrations!)
Met a few very interesting people
Caught up with my vintage friends
Developed a peculiar liking for Norris Benjamin Cole

I hope this is good enough? Sincere apologies go out to Ting, Neill, Brownie, Chappala!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

A helping hand from Microsoft

I came into work today and was oh-so-delighted to see a squeaky clean brand new Microsoft wireless laser keyboard 6000 v.2 and mouse. It is just grrreat. I hope this will help in reducing the pain in my wrists and arms.
It was rated a scorching hot 9 out 10 in Cnet user reviews. The curved style encourages natural wrist position and movement and eases discomfort and pain. Fantastic!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Free Starbucks coffee

Don't forget to run to your local Starbucks to grab your free coffee today. This offer is available between 2 and 4pm.

And for those of you living in Stinge City, begging for free coffee all the time, click here to find out how to get free Starbucks coffee.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Bald Britney Spears

I placed a bid to buy Britney Spears' hair. The Ebay ad for her hair was taken down for no reason, and now Esther's haircutting studio are selling the hair. Bids start from $1 million. The winner will not only get Britney Spears' hair, they will also get the empty can of Red Bull she drank from during the process, the hair cutting tools, and her fag lighter too! Now that is good value for money. Naturally, I placed a bid for a ridiculous amount. Let's see what happens now. And here she is, the Pop Princess, Britney Spears.